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    There are so many types of cooling fans, one of which is called an axial cooling fan, which is the most widely used. Why is an axial fan called an axial cooling fan?

    Axial cooling fan, as its name implies, is called axial cooling fan because the airflow is in the same direction as the axis of the fan blade. Generally, the cooling fan of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is an axial cooling fan. Because it flows parallel to the axis, it is usually used in The occasions with higher air volume requirements and lower pressure requirements. Let me introduce how the axial flow fan controls the frequency conversion and noise elimination of the axial flow fan.

       When the axial flow cooling fan starts, the current of the motor will be 5-6 times higher than the rated value, which will not only affect the service life of the motor, but also consume more electric axial flow fan inverter. When the system is designed, there will be a certain margin in the selection of the motor. The speed of the motor is fixed, but in actual use, it sometimes needs to run at a lower or higher speed, so it is very important to carry out frequency conversion transformation. Necessary. The frequency converter can realize the soft start of the motor, achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment, and can provide the equipment with protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload.

       Blower muffler uses a sudden change of interface on the pipeline or a bypass resonant cavity to cause certain frequency sound waves propagating along the pipeline to reflect and interfere at the sudden interface, so as to achieve the purpose of noise reduction. Divided into expansion chamber muffler and resonance muffler. Because in the actual noise control project, the noise is mostly broadband, the resistive sound absorption and noise reduction structure are usually combined to control high-strength broadband noise.

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