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  • Direct Air Tunnel Effect

    Dual fans make the heat sink and the whole cooling channels aligned, maximizing the heat output.

  • Stamping FIN

    The heat pipe is stamped between the fins,

    increased contact area between the fins and the heat pipe can enhance conduction efficiency greatly.


    Improve Cooling Efficiency

    6 x U-shaped heat-pipes for fast transfer of heat, to make sure the CPU is running at optimal performance

  • Excellent Performance LED Fan

    Ultra wide PWM RPM range and rifle bearing,increased cooling performance

  • Universal Socket Compatibility

    Multiple socket to support

Product Dimensions 123x154x106 mm
Heatsink Dimensions 154x123x58 mm
Heatsink Weight 518 g
Heat pipe Ø6 mm×6 pcs
Fan Dimensions1 120x120x25 mm
Fan Rated Voltage DC 12V
Fan Rated Current 0.15~0.3 A
Fan Speed±10% 800-2000 R.P.M.
Fan Airflow ≤18.3~≤45.2 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 0.41~2.14 mm/H2O±10%
Fan Noise 24.1~35.5 dB(A)
Fan Connector 4-pin(PWM)
Bearing Type Rifile
Fan MTTF 40,000hours

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halo 800
  • H240

    Dual Radiator Liquid Cooler.

  • H120

    Single Radiator Liquid Cooler

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