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  • I Color, therefore I Conquer!

  • Double cavity water block design

    Independent pump, internal motor, smooth flow.The form of dipper tooth copper heatsink

    makes the better heat conduction.

  • Three-phase motor & Separate impeller design

    Surging power, faster water flow.

  • FEP material pipe, industrial-grade seal

    Effectively reduces the evaporation rate of coolant.Special pipe material, resistant to corrosion and oxidation

    greatly improves the service life of the pipe.

  • Dazzling LOGO RGB water block design

    Built-in RGB module, cool and shiny

  • Densification aluminum radiator

    High density fin, large heat dissipation area.High density folding leaves, better

    heat dissipation efficiency.

  • With URA RGB circle fan

    more distinctive visual effect

    Unified luminous effect of water block and fan,forming a beautiful color

  • Equipped with univerual platform metal brackets

    Compatible with various mainstream platforms of both Intel and AMD

  • HALO Series Liquid Cooler

  • H240

    Dual Radiator Liquid Cooler

  • H120

    Single Radiator Liquid Cooler

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